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Catharsis - Le Boléro Du Veau Des Dames

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  1. Lol, the beginning melody of Le bolero du veau des dames is quite much from the Walrus by the Beatles. Published. apps79 Nov 29 In Bocquet along with Charles Eddie revamped Catharsis with new members Michel on bass and Claude on guitar/sitar, /5(4).
  2. Lei Boléro Du Veau Des Dames was a more down-to-earth effort containing rather ordinary instrumental music similar to the better movie soundtracks. This was nice background music but lacking a bit in intensity. Catharsis' last album Et S'Aimer El Mourir was remote from their early albums, even if it reunited many old members.
  3. 『 Le Bolero Du Veau Des Dames (Vol. 5) 』は Catharsis がSonopresseから 74年 にからリリースしたアルバム。 アルバム1発目は“ Palace ”。鍵盤を中心に 欧州的な抒情性 を感じさせるナンバー。 Percussion が鳴り響き独特の Organ がイイ味を出してる。 Lyricalなピアノ で始まる Author: BLACKCHERRY.
  4. Mar 26,  · A couple of years on they made much more proggy album "Le Bolero De Veau Des Dames", Extremely progressive and creative, with 5 classic LP's, the only drawback is their shortness. But what quality! Catharsis also had hit singles that became the .
  5. Sjef Oellers May Le Bolero du Veau des Dames (volume 5) Instrumental progressive with both symphonic and fusion elements. The music is usually, and correctly, compared to early Camel, but I think that one can hear similarities to Carpe Diem as well.

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